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Graphic Novel sample page 3 :iconeternally-twisted:Eternally-Twisted 0 0
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Cynosure [Part 4]
After overcoming his brief shock, Ethan side stepped all the debris cluttering the lobby entrance. The door, though automatic, slowly ground itself back along its rails. The door ahead was so badly damaged, that Lance had to pry it open. The flashing sunlight nearly blinded him as he did so. When his vision recovered, the vast ruins of his country greeted him. Jagged and broken skyscrapers peeked from the far back, while smaller buildings that were as ruined reached into the forefront. Dead trees waved aimlessly on the slight breeze in once-beautiful civil improvement plots. Destroyed AV cars, which used to flit about gracefully in the air, now cluttered the streets like tin cans. He could vaguely make out human remains also scattered amidst the chaotic scene. All of it bathed in the eerie orange lights of dusk. Gripping his pistol tight, Ethan waded over the bodies piled at the door of the hospital. He looked back briefly at the door, where old and blood-stained hand prints had swiped
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Cynosure [Part 3]
Ethan Lance waded his way down the hall with much difficulty, barely avoiding the piled carnage across the entire floor. His heart thumped with conviction, purpose. As he made his way down, he kept a keen eye out for any weapon he could find. The corpses authorized to carry guns had been plucked clean by scavengers, not a single firearm in sight. Finally, at the automated doors on the far end, his silent prayer had been realized. Peeking from under a deceased soldier was a gun Ethan was very familiar with - the JPS Sigma handgun. JPS being Jacketed Perogative System. The prosthetic hand he had was starting to feel a bit natural, as he curled the fingers around the pistol's grip. Safety was already disengaged - this bad boy had seen some action. Exactly how much action though? Ethan ejected the mag, counting 7 jacketed rounds. Out of fifteen total, not too bad. The slide still worked well too, they built these things to last. On the corpse's person was a few spare mags too, which was pe
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Cynosure [Part 2]
The doctors aren't sure when you'll wake up, but I know deep down you'll make it! I'll stay strong for us even though the war overseas keeps getting more and more out of hand. The news keeps saying it'll spill into our borders within the next few weeks. I don't believe them when we have brave soldiers like you (my dear husband <3) fighting so hard. The staff here have already begun making a cast of your stump, but they won't be able to fit it until you wake up. Something about needing you to provide feedback for a comfortable fit and nerve calibration. Hun, your new condition doesn't frighten me. I know you're still the same man I've always loved and that won't change! I'm leaving this letter though, because I guess everyone is being sent to the nearest courthouse. Everyone is on edge, like something terrible is about to happen... and I can't believe it. No matter what happens, you have my heart! I hope the doctors treat you well, and that you come back to me safe!
- Yours,
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Pathway's Soul
This new world was untamed, yet very far gone from whatever it was in the past. As for myself, I was a nameless survivor amongst a community full of nameless survivors; we were all that remained of the untainted. We stayed behind our fortifications all year round, save for one week in late summer. This one "holiday", if that's even the appropriate term, was spent at a large complex. This building was one large, adrenaline pumping spectacle. A haunted house attraction that culminated in a massive theater, where the most violent and goriest screening of a movie to ever exist took place. Even though our community wasn't incredibly large, our nameless holiday was tradition. Almost a semblance of religion, and it managed to keep itself varied enough year-to-year in order to keep relevant. As a child or fully fledged adult, nothing special was required to gain admission. However, in our society, those of late teenage years and early adulthood had to prove themselves worthy. Every individual
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The sketchy shit your mom warned you about.


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My discoveries of greatness! SMELL IT!



Hey again.
I know, hardly anything from me these days. I'm pretty sure my health is no big deal - if I was meant to keel over it should have happened already. Uh... As far as doing artwork: My brain has hit a concrete wall. I still write up ideas here and there but my creative process is... laughable. I can't keep focused on one specific task (and usually I burn myself out if I stay on it). I'm very prone to flights of fancy. I think about other things as I do the thing I'm supposed to be doing. I say it's a side effect of factory life and possibly the very mundane life I've lived. So say, I have this ambitious story idea. I get down to it, then I'm distracted by "how much x game sucked" and "y amounts of things I'd change to make it good". Or I think back on a previous life experience and attempt to twist it into a distorted piece/commentary. This is not good and I've struggled to reign it all in to focus. For about two years though, I've remained romantically solitary. Trying to change that has also buggered my work ethic. Now, I found being loved like that does something tremendous for me, but it alters the type of art I do. I calm down. I go for dark and beautiful instead of anger-fueled gore fests and physically tormented depictions. This scares me, even though I could probably live with being changed if it meant I was much happier. Anyway, it's not just that neglect that chips at me. I have a basically dead YouTube channel - another failed foray into entertaining others. My Patreon (which right now remains neglected too) has been empty since I created it. I have tried to make myself marketable. Nothing I do has demand. I return it in kind, by keeping mum and doing nothing. Now, that might be the wrong attitude. I might be letting insecurities get the best of me and I stop trying where I should push. I'm not even forty and it feels like my ambition to get people entertained or to possibly think puts me past my prime. To be blunt: My life does suck, I have no motivation, and I can't get the help or support I need. Very shitty post for sure, but that's the news so far.
Alright, I have a working title for my graphic novel. So far, I have 14 pages front and back on the desired plot path (with detail only where I need it). Still churning on with that and further concept work. I've slipped pretty hard on posting much about it here and that might change after bit. Honestly, I get caught up in creating and well... Bit of honesty... My health is in question. Random dull pains strike inside my skull every so often and my temples are swollen and tender, ever since I had irregular heart palpitations weeks ago. My best guess is blood hypertension, high blood pressure, but if it's anything worse than that, I gotta get this project done before I exit stage right too soon.
SO Finally, I have shared my work on a graphic novel here! I'm basically concepting, spinning the tale, and practicing panels. I've got other unrelated things to show in the meantime. And as always, thanks for the support thrown my way!
Graphic Novel sample page 3
As you can see, the whole thing is planned to blend elements of horror, comedy, and some action. I can only barely compare it to Evil Dead hahaha.
Holy shit, I've been here 3 years already? Crazy, but that's how it gooooo-ooooooes!
I have a bunch of new content to put up soon, amid my busy schedule. Just a lot going on over here, trying to cling to what little sanity I still have. So, I'll do my best to swing by and drop a new piece or scrip of writing.



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
As crazy and dark as I am, I'm a very real dude.
In light of this fact, I'm using this site as a digital portfolio. Hopefully, I can begin a career using my creative talents. If I've entertained, inspired, or enlightened you in any way, I'm fulfilling my mortal existence. This is what Lord Hades demands of me (I jest, but maybe not? *intense stare*)


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